ZyXEL Default Router Login

Which ZyXEL model do you have?

To get access to every router of ZyXEL (e.g. NBG-318S ,P-660H-D1 or Keenetic Giga II ), you need the IP of your router, the username and router password. You can find these information in ZyXEL router manuals. But if you do not have the manual for your router or you do not want to read the whole manual to find the default login information then you can use the quick guide below.

ZyXEL Router Login Guide

  • Open your internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer)
  • Type (the most common IP for ZyXEL routers) in the address bar of your web browser to access the router's web-based user interface. Alternatively you can type the following URL in the address bar: http://myrouter
  • You should see 2 text fields where you can enter a username and a password.
  • The default username for your ZyXEL router is admin.
    The default password is 1234.
  • Enter the username & password, hit "Enter" and now you should see the control panel of your router.

If above login credentials doesn't work then try this method

If these steps doesn't work for you and you still can't login to your router then there's another method. You know the model name/ID of your ZyXEL router? Great! Just select your device from the box below and you will be redirected to our guide especially for your device that includes a user manual.

Which model do you have?

Try different ID/password combinations that are widely used by ZyXEL that you'll find below.

Default username & password combinations for ZyXEL routers

In the list below you will see the most popular default username and password combinations used by ZyXEL. Sometimes the username and password doesn't work that we mentioned in the top of this guide. Then you can try these username/password combinations below to get access to your wireless router.

# Username Password
14on bottom of routeron bottom of router
16adminPrinted on Router Label
17adminlast 4 of routers mac address
19Printed on Routers LabelPrinted on Routers Label
22adminrandomly generated
23on sticker under the routeron sticker under the router

Default login IPs for my ZyXEL router

Sometimes you need your router web interface IP address to change security settings. Most people don't know their router IP address. Most times you'll find this IP on the bottom or back of your router device. But if you are not able to find this IP on your router or in the user manual then you can try some methods to get the router I. In the list below we listed all known router IPs for the manufacturer ZyXEL.

# Default Router IP

Alternative Login URLs for my ZyXEL router

Most routers are accessible only by their default IP. But some are available by an default URL as well. This is very useful if you don't know your default router gateway.

# Alternative Router URL Gateway

List of ZyXEL Router Manuals

AG-220 - Manual
AG-320 - Manual
AMG1202-T10A - Manual
AMG1202-T10B - Manual
AMG1302-T10A - Manual
AMG1302-T10D - Manual
AMG1302-T11C - Quick Install Guide
AMG1312-T10B - Quick Install Guide
Armor X1 (WAP6806) - Manual
ARMOR Z2 - Quick Install Guide
B-620 - Manual
C1000 - Manual
C1000Z - Manual
EMG2926-Q10A - Manual
EMG3425-Q10A - Manual
EMG6765-Q10A - Manual
F1000 - Manual
G-102 - Manual
G-2000 Plus - Quick Install Guide
G-260 - Manual
G-3000H - Manual
G-470 - Manual
G-570S - Manual
G-570S v1 - Manual
G-570S v2 - Manual
G-570U - Manual
G-600 - Manual
G-620H - Manual
HomeSafe 100W (HS-100W) - Manual
IPC-2605N - Manual
Keenetic Lite II - Manual
LTE3301 - Quick Install Guide
LTE3311 - Quick Install Guide
M-102 - Manual
MAX208M - Quick Install Guide
MAX208M2W - Quick Install Guide
MAX218M2W - Quick Install Guide
MWR102 - Manual
MWR222 - Manual
N-611 - Manual
N4100 - Manual
NBG-318S - Manual
NBG-334SH - Manual
NBG-415N - Manual
NBG-416N - Manual
NBG-417N - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG-418N - Quick Install Guide
NBG-418N v1 - Manual
NBG-418N v2 - Manual
NBG-419N v1 - Manual
NBG-419N v2 - Manual
NBG-420N - Quick Install Guide
NBG-460N - Manual - Datasheet
NBG2105 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG334W - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG4104 - Manual
NBG4114 - Manual
NBG420N - Manual
NBG4604 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG460N - Manual
NBG4615 - Quick Install Guide
NBG4615 v1 - Manual
NBG4615 v2 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG5615 - Manual
NBG5715 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6503 - Manual
NBG6515 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6604 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6616 - Manual
NBG6617 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6716 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6815 - Manual
NBG6816 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NBG6816 (Armor Z1) - Manual
NBG6817 - Manual
NBG6817 (Armor Z2) - Manual
NWA-3160 - Manual
NWA1100 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
NWA1100-N - Manual
NWA1121-NI - Quick Install Guide
NWA1123-AC - Manual
NWA1123-NI - Quick Install Guide
NWA1123-NI v1 - Manual
NWA1123-NI v2 - Manual
NWD-170N - Manual
NWD-211AN - Manual
NWD-270N - Manual
NWD-370N - Manual
NWD-670S - Manual
NWD-670SU - Manual
NWD2105 - Manual
NWD210N - Manual
NWD2205 - Manual
NWD310N - Manual
NWD670 - Manual
NWD672NU - Manual
P-1302-T10B - Manual
P-2602H-D1A - Manual
P-2602HWT-F1 - Manual
P-2602HWT-F3 - Manual
P-2602RL-D - Quick Install Guide
P-2612HNU-F1F PLDT - Manual
P-2812HNU-51c - Quick Install Guide
P-2812HNU-F1 - Manual
P-2812HNU-F3 - Manual
P-320W - Manual
P-330W - Manual
P-330W v1 - Manual
P-330W v2 - Manual
P-334WT - Manual
P-335 Plus - Quick Install Guide
P-335U - Quick Install Guide
P-6101C - Manual
P-623 - Quick Install Guide
P-660HN - Manual
P-660HN-T1A - Manual
P-660HW-D1 - Manual
P-660HW-D1 v2 - Manual
P-660HW-D1-v2 - Manual
P-660HW-T1 - Manual
P-660HW-T1 v1 - Manual
P-660HW-T1 v2 - Manual
P-660HW-T1-v3 eircom - Manual
P-660HW-T1v3 - Manual
P-660R-D1 - Manual
P-660R-T1 - Manual
P-660R-T1v2 - Manual
P-660RU - Quick Install Guide
P-660W-T1 v2 - Manual
P-661HNU-F1 - Manual
P-661HW - Quick Install Guide
P-662HW-D1 - Quick Install Guide
P-663HN-51 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
P-663HN-51 Frontier - Manual
P-870HN-51b - Manual - Quick Install Guide
P-873HNUP-51B - Manual
P324 - Manual
P660-RT-1-v3s - Manual
P660H-T3 - Manual
P660HN-51 - Manual
P660HW-T3 - Manual
P8701T - Manual
PK5000Z (Qwest) - Manual
PK5001Z (CenturyLink) - Manual
PLA4231 - Manual
PLA450 - Quick Install Guide
PLA5236 - Manual
Prestige 310 - Manual
Prestige 334W (P-334W) - Manual
Prestige 964 - Manual
Prestige-960 - Manual
VFG6005N - Manual
VMG1312 - Manual
VMG1312-B10A - Manual
VMG1312-B10D - Manual
VMG1312-B30A - Manual
VMG3625-T20A - Quick Install Guide
VMG3925 - Manual
VMG3925-B10B - Manual
VMG3926-B10A - Manual
VMG4325-B10A - Manual
VMG4380-B10A - Manual
VMG4381-B10A - Manual
VMG8324-B10A - Manual
VMG8924-B10A - Manual
VSG1432-B101 - Quick Install Guide
WAC6502 - Manual
WAC6502D-S - Manual
WAH7003 - Quick Install Guide
WAH7706 - Quick Install Guide
WAP3205 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
WAP3205 v2 - Quick Install Guide
WAP5605 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
WAP5805 - Manual - Quick Install Guide - Datasheet
WAP6806 - Quick Install Guide
WAP6806 (Armor X1) - Manual
WM5204Z - Manual
WRE2205 - Manual
WRE2206 - Quick Install Guide
WRE6606 - Manual - Quick Install Guide
X150N - Manual
X650 - Manual
XtremeMIMO M-202 - Manual
ZyAIR AG-225H - Manual
ZyAIR AG-620 - Manual
ZyAIR B-120 - Manual
ZyAIR B-320 - Manual
ZyAIR B-4000 - Manual
ZyAIR B-500 - Manual
ZyAIR G-1000 - Manual
ZyAIR G-220 - Manual
ZyAIR G-270S - Manual
ZyAIR G-405 - Manual
ZyAIR G-620 - Manual
ZyAIR-G-2000-Plus-v2 - Manual
ZyWALL 110 - Manual
ZyWALL 2WG - Manual
ZyWALL-2 - Manual
ZyWALL-USG50 - Manual
ZyWALL-Z-70-UTM - Manual

Nothing of the methods above worked for me!

All you need to do is to reset your modem. This can be done easily by clicking on the reset button at the back or at the bottom of your router. If you hold down this small button for approximately 20 seconds, (you may have to use a toothpick), then your modem will get restored to the factory settings. What you need to keep in mind is that when you reset your modem, you will lose your connection online. It is therefore better to take an expert's assistance in this regard. Note: If you have not enough information, it is obviously recommended that you should get help from a person who has all the knowledge about this topic.