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What is the advantage of using is a private IP Address that is used by various router manufacturers as the default IP Address. This allows the user to access the device through the web browser on the computer to which the device is connected. It serves for the management of the wireless router administration  panel.

It is mostly used by computers for private, home or secure networks. At the time of installment of broadband routers, this IP configuration is installed manually. If someone is unable to access this IP address, it is probably that there is some kind of network issues in configuration. It is a private configuration based on class C type which means it is hidden for private networks which are not part of the Internet instead of even being connected to the Internet.

Rather in this case, a router or a modem acts like a passage to carry network data to appropriate computer destination on the secured network. This allows several computers to share a single domain, leaving a snag that home computers do not directly reach the Internet.

Most modems can be even configured to make few computers visible to the Internet on a private network. This IP configuration is web based interface which is generated by network router itself rather than served by web server on Internet which means that all the problems which one is experiencing, there is a good chance that one will be able to find the default admin Username and Password here and fix them without demanding help from outer source. is so popular since only a few configurations are set aside for private networking. Although most Routers chose their configuration as 192.168.1.x leaving most people with a thought that the range starts in the same way. However, the range starts with With range logically starting from as thought by leading router manufacturers to start with a whole number, became a lot popular. But this does not suggest that the network client gains a proper network connection or improved security with configurations above this IP address.

Also there are some issues that one faces with this IP configuration. IP address is assigned through Dynamic Host Configuration protocol. It is also to assign this address manually but doing so may result in connection issues in case the router is not duly configured, the internet is not configured accordingly.

How to get the IP?

Especially each router which is configured through DHCP can allocate its clients. The home router having DHCP as its configurations configured with IP address ranged between to A router does not check before assigning to the client automatically whether it is already assigned to client manually. There is an issue of IP conflict when two computers registered over the same network uses same IP configuration resulting in interference of network communications for both computers.

What is possible to do if you don`t know or forgot the password?

ou need to reset your gadget to resolve such problem. Simply hold the reset button for several 5 seconds. But better not to touch the modem if you are not sure you can do everything properly.