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It is a ( IP address used by several manufacturers. This address is mostly used by some 4Com Office Connect routers, Netopia Internet gateways, and several brands internet broadband. Telex routers commonly use the IP address

The IP address is given above ( is a medium to connect the computers to the routers. The IP address ( sometimes also contains web-interface which helps to control router’s arrangement of parts in a particular figure. If you are unable to access this address, it’s likely that you have some network configuration problem. is Class C private IP address. In the market, there is some private address which is reserved for private networks, and they are not even part of the internet. Although lots of networks at home are connected to the internet also, they are not part of it. Network routers work as a gate and rooter’s data network to give appropriate networks at home. While this condition allows many computers to share ISP signal connection but the downside there is a home of computers that are still not able to reach the internet.

Every website, router, and the computer has an IP address, which makes possible to create a unique identity of every computer in the market. Typically, in a home network, your power tool is generally known as the router, are given to your computer. How can you make sure that the IP address you are using on your home computer is different from others which are present on the internet? The internet contains a list of numbers which are reserved for private users on the internet. You will never find them using on the public website while the details are given of how the IP numbers are used difficult to understand or complicated.

How to Access the

Some users of the router with the are unable to access it by typing this address in the browser’s address box. They have to contact their network administrator or tech support team online. This is advisable to try to follow the abovementioned method once again before you reach any professional to fix the problem. You have to make sure about the following things.

  • The typed properly
  • Try typing the with or without “HTTP://.”
  • Computer firewall does not block access to the router
  • Try resetting the router, local area connection, and computer

How do I get to the IP

To reach the interface of the router, enter the following address Just type it in the browser.

if you do not have a clue about your password and username, our useful information will help you.

What steps should you take if you forgot your modem`s password?

Whether you have no idea what your password is, you must reset the modem. The list of the Default Modem Passwords right here.

You can connect your computer to another computer or any Smartphone through the cable or Wi-Fi. There is a problem with your computer when another computer or mobile phone works perfectly. Viruses in your computer do not allow you to do various tasks such as accessing the router directly. This is advisable to use another browser and do the same steps.